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Too many cheat days? Cleanse your body of those times you couldn't control what you ate or drank.

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Liquid Juice Bar 3 Day Cleanse & 5 Day Cleanse



These cleanses are for either 3 or 5 days consisting of:
- 6 (16 oz.) Detoxifying juices
- Yerba Mate Tea for 3 or 5 Mornings
- 1 Super Life Force Shot
- One chia seed fiber pack to add to the last juice on the last day of the cleanse

These cleanses are designed for the nutritional needs of an average slightly active person or an experienced juice
faster. These cleanses have a diverse amount of fresh, organic produce which will help your body heal while keeping your energy levels up. The combination of produce used in our juices are specifically for detoxing and the order in which they should be consumed are specific to the way a detox is supposed to happen. We advise that the juices be drank slow, as they are pure and strong, and no less than 64 Oz. ( 8 glasses) of purified or distilled water.


- Preparing for a cleanse is important and will make your cleanse more successful. Start eating salads and
fresh organic produce while drinking a lot of water. STAY AWAY FROM MEAT, DAIRY, and PROCESSED
SUGARS/ FOODS at least two days before doing a cleanse.

- Ending a cleanse is important too! You don’t want all your efforts to go to waste by picking up right where
you left off. Slowly introduce fresh fruit smoothies, drink more juices, eat fresh organic produce throughout
the day. The next day, you may eat normally but be aware of what you putting in your body and how it will
affect you later on. You will most likely have lost weight, it will go right back on and then some if you don’t
stick to a more healthy diet.



Doing a cleanse is an excellent way to detoxify and rid your body of the built up toxins due to stress, the food we
consume and the environment we live in. everybody stores toxins, but its all about how much we are storing and
how our body’s are affected. Toxin overload can make a person feel sick, nauseated, depressed and tired with achy
joints and muscles are just to name a few. Toxins are also the leading cause for many cancers and diseases. A
cleanse is the best way to give your organs a break, to cleanse your blood, skin, mind and thought process. It’s the
great way to make changes in many areas in your life starting with doing something good for yourself.


In order to determine how someone will feel while on the cleanse, it depends on their lifestyle. The harder you are
on your body, the harder it might be for your body to get rid of the toxins. Normal reactions include: headache,
nausea, sweating, low energy, skin breakouts/rash, achy joints, and having to use the restroom many times
throughout the day. These symptoms could start to happen as early as the first day and last the entire time but that just means your body needed to be cleaned. After the cleanse or maybe even the last day, you should start to feel happy, light, high energy, clearer thought process and a clean body with beautiful radiant skin.


All cleanses are $65 per day and must be paid in full at time of reservation. Cleanses are ready each morning by
8:30am. After you have made your reservation, we will place your cleanse each morning in the fridge with your
name attached to your cleanse, and ready for you to pick up. If you have any medical conditions consult your doctor prior to doing your cleanse.